10 Highest Mountain Peaks in the Philippines

Mt. Apo – Davao

One of the most visited tourist spots and the highest mountain in the Philippines. Located between Davao City and in North Cotabato. A dormant volcano and the home the world largest eagle “the Philippine Eagle”, the country’s national bird and home with more than 270 bird species. Mt. Apo is also abundant with fruits like “The King of the Fruits – Durian”.

Elevation : 2,956 meters


Mt. Dulang-Dulang – Bukidnon

Located in Bukidnon, the second highest peak in the Philippines, actually its only 18 meters short to Mt. Apo. Mt. Dulang-Dulang or “Mt. D2” named by the Filipino mountaineers, is abundant with wild life animals like monkey, wild boars, flying lemurs, and other wild animals. Bukidnon is well-known for its cosmic and vast of pineapple plantations which are among the largest in the world.

Elevation : 2,938 meters


Mt. Pulag – Benguet

Home-grown of the Dwarf Bamboo, and a family of species of the four cloud rats which can only be found in that area. Mt. Pulag is located in Cordillera Range, Benguet and part of Cordillera Autonomous Region. The 3rd highest peak in the Philippines.

Elevation : 2,922 Meters


Mt. Kitanglad – Bukidnon

A dormant or inactive volcano located in Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon province on Mindanao Island. Kitanglad is derived from the word “tanglad” or lemon grass, and “kita” from the word tagalog means visible. This Mt. Kitanglad has been acknowledged by the ASEAN Heritage Park in year 2009.

Elevation : 2,899 meters


Mt. Tabayoc – Benguet

Mt. Tabayoc is a mountain range in Northern Luzon in Cordillera Range, Benguet. This Philippine spots is known to some of the country’s most remarkable and popular caves making the place one of the most visited.

Elevation : 2,842 meters


Mt. Kalatungan – Bukidnon

It is an active volcano, the Mt. Kalatungan in Bukidnon, Southern Philippines. Mount Kalatungan is also known as “Catatungan”. This tourist spots is a typhoon free area that’s why there are two world’s largest pineapple companies producing and exporting in this area location. Mount Kalatungan is the 6th highest mountain in the Philippines.

Elevation : 2,824 meters


Mt. Ragang – Lanao del Sur

It is an active volcano and the highest mountain range of Piapayungan Range in Lanao Del Sur. It is where place you can locate the Philippine Largest Waterfalls the “Maria Cristina Falls”, the Major source of electricity in the region. Mt. Ragang is also known as “Mt. Piapayungan and Blue Mountain”. It is only 9 meter short to Mt. Kalatungan that making it the 7th highest mountain peak in the Philippines.

Elevation : 2,815 meters


Mt. Maagnaw – Bukidnon

Located in Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon. This Philippine spots consist of the most fertile soils which makes the place conducts worthy to farmers. In Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon covers three of the ten highest peaks in the Philippines. The Mt. Dulang-Dulang the 2nd highest peak, Mt. Kitanglad the 4th highest peak and the Mt. Maagnaw the 8th highest peak in the Philippines.

Elevation : 2,742 meters


Mt. Singakalsa – Benguet

The 3rd highest point in Luzon, the Mount Singakalsa or known as Mt. Timbak is located in Cordilleras Range in Atok, Benguet. At the summit of Mt. Timbak, there are 3 crosses in what is named as “mini-calvary”. In the very most peak you can overlook the best view of Benguet’s tourist spots the Mt. Pulag, Mt. Tabayoc and as well as the Halsema highroad zigzag to the town of Atok.

Elevation : 2,717 meters


Mt. Amuyao – Benguet

Climbing at the northeastern authority of the Cordellera’s Range is the highest point of Mountain Province the tropical wet forest of Mount Amuyao. The mountain standpoint is very visible and easily to be spotted along the highway to Banue. At the Peak you can witness the beauty of wild flowers, wild orchids, and a display of wild Flora.

Elevation : 2,689 meters




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